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We're simplifying and automating the admin side of releasing music to save musicians and their artist teams time, energy, and money!


RELEASR. is a cutting-edge music tech platform designed to simplify and automate the process of music releases. Our primary goal is to alleviate the administrative burdens associated with releasing music, allowing musicians and their artist teams to focus on what truly matters: collaboration, strategy building, and the development of sustainable and successful music careers.



Simplifying Music Releases

We understand that the process of releasing music can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With RELEASR, we've streamlined the entire journey, from uploading tracks to distributing them across various platforms. Our intuitive platform automates crucial tasks, such as metadata management, licensing, and distribution, so you can save valuable time and energy.

More Time for Collaboration

We believe that artists thrive when they have ample time to collaborate and create. By minimizing the administrative side of music releases, RELEASR enables musicians and their artist teams to dedicate more energy to collaborative endeavors. Whether it's composing new tracks, refining production, or exploring innovative ideas, you'll have the freedom to unleash your creativity and bring your musical visions to life.

Building Strategies

RELEASR empowers artists to develop effective strategies for promoting and sharing their music. With our comprehensive suite of artist tools and data analytics, you can gain valuable insights into audience engagement, track performance, and market trends. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions and craft strategies that maximize the impact of your music releases.

Accelerating Music Careers

We understand that building a successful music career requires time, effort, and strategic planning. RELEASR aims to expedite this journey by streamlining the administrative aspects of music releases. By reducing the administrative workload, we create space for artists and their teams to focus on honing their craft, nurturing fan relationships, and building sustainable careers in the music industry.

Join the RELEASR. Community

Experience the transformative power of RELEASR and unlock new possibilities for your music career. Whether you're an emerging artist looking to simplify your releases or an established musician seeking innovative tools, we invite you to join our vibrant community.

Get Started Today!

With RELEASR, you can streamline your music releases, collaborate effortlessly, and fast-track your journey towards a successful and sustainable music career.

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time creating, collaborating, and strategizing. Start your musical journey with RELEASR today!

Experience the transformative power of RELEASR and unlock new possibilities for your music career. Whether you're an emerging artist looking to simplify your releases or an established musician seeking innovative tools, we invite you to join our vibrant community.



+ Release Asset Hub: 

  • One place for all of your upcoming release or show metadata to sit. 

+ Team Activation:

  • Collaborate with your artist team by connecting them with the release information you want them to see!


ALL of RELEASR free features and: 

+ Release connect: 

  • connect your distribution, royalty collector, spotify for artist etc accounts to your RELEASR. account so we upload to your platforms for you!

+ Real time- Post release

  • See your releasr analytics in one location in real time!


ALL of RELEASR + features and: 

+ Profile Connecter: 

  • Connect all of your music profiles and platforms to RELEASR. to manage all of your platform updates and analytics in one location.


+ Playlist Pitcher: 

  • Have RELEASR pitch to spotify, itunes and amazon playlisting for you based on their industry trends and your information to feed playlist success. 

+ Social Media Generator: 

  • RELEASR. takes your release information and social media trends to generate a social media timeline and asset suggestions for you to nail your promotion.


Customized packages based on company needs and fields. We are developing full suites of industry field-specific platforms like "RELEASR PR" and "RELEASR VENUES" to tailor to our growing impact within the music industry.

Where are we at?

Our base is in Australia

Born, developed and raised within Australia 

RELEASR is a platform that truly embraces the values of inclusivity and fairness in the world of music. With its mission to empower artists and foster a diverse and vibrant music community, RELEASR has revolutionized the way musicians share their work with the world.


The RELEASR team recognizes that talent and creativity know no boundaries, and it actively encourages artists from all backgrounds to showcase their unique sounds. By providing a level playing field and equal opportunities for artists regardless of their race, gender, or background, RELEASR promotes a truly inclusive and diverse music scene.

Like what we do?

We are always looking for new talent, enthusiastic people or investors who just GET what we are trying to do! If thats you, reach out now!

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